Contcept Pressday Nice to meet you

On the 07th of March 2018 the third Pressday of Contcept Communication is taking place. Under the motto Contcepthome we are going to present a variety of products from clients in a gorgeous location from le bijoux over the roofs of the Niederdorf in Zürich. We are looking forward to fascinating and personal conversations.


I’m writting this Blog in our Branch in Berlin Mitte. Swiss friends of ours visited us yesterday so we could show them our favorite spots in Berlin. Being able to share interests together with friends, having great discussions during a nice dinner, together with a glass of wine is one of the most enriching things existing.

We were in a Restaurant in the district of Kreuzberg Berlin sitting next to four young people, who were. trendy, cool, stylisch and everybody was busy on their phone. From time to time they shared what they had found on their phones, without further discussion. Obviously the contents in their phones was too exciting. They didn’t find time to talk together.

Of course I have the same problem, it is very hard to put it aside. Which makes me wonder why I manage to do this so badly. This maybe due to the fact that at Contcept we have a strong focus on digital supply which I’am into.

Relevante and fascinating stories will play a very imporant roll in Web 4.0. Without individual conversations and contacts it isn’t possible to share information and emotions. Good stories couldn’t be generated.

In this sence – it will be nice to meet you at the Contcept pressday. We are looking forward to individual conversations.