In Switzerland a popular vote on unconditional basic income was held. The initiators fear that the workplaces from a big part of humanity will be replaced by robots. Therefore the goverment has to guarantee a basic income for everybody.

Are these fears founded? Are you going to plan your next pr-campaign with a robot? Let me tell you in advance: no i’m not a robot! I’m developing this text right now in my brain and I’m transfering it by hand on a word-document. But if you usually read the news you could be afraid of this phenomenum.

You can find stories about Web- and Industry 4.0 or Internet of things. Although we are expecting not less than the fourth industrial revolution. Supposed machines or social bots take the command and the power of the Internet and social media.

The digitalization of life is advancing. Robots will replace traditional jobs in the near future. Currently social bots have proven that they can play a role in the commuication business. Not all your social media friends are flesh and blood.

The World is changing. The positive aspects will overbalance the negative as usual. New technics have made our lives much more comfortable. This change gives new industries the opportunity to grow. We have complete confidence in human beings. They have contributed with their inteligence, sensibilty, creativity, expert knowledge and dilligence to the sucess of your pr campaigne. Our team has already taken on the challenge of the digital age. This is why most of our new workplaces have titles like community- or digital manager. They are taking care that you and your stories will be found everywhere on the web. Robots are out of place.

Andreas Messerli, Managing Partner