Contcept Communication takes care of different customers from all over Switzerland and the countries of Germany and Austria. Last year the agency opened a new branch in Berlin. Contcept decided to move to Lausanne to have a stronger presence in the French speaking area of Switzerland. The new office is situated at the rue du jura.

The branch is led by Jessica Chakhsi, she has many years of experience in the media- and influencer scene in the French part of Switzerland. She is supported by feelancers.

Barbara Ryter and Andreas Messerli, the owners of Contcept Communication, have a strong connection to the French part of Switzerland. Both of them grow up in the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne. Up until now we have successfully been doing the PR for the French part of Switzerland from Zurich. To have a permanet presence in this area has been a target for us for a long time“ says Andreas Messerli.